Friday, 23 January 2015

Adaptation & Professional Practice Part A: Breakfast Cereals Research

An influence map of some of the examples of breakfast cereal fonts, shapes and positioning's. All of them together creates a variety to select from. The colours seem to compliment each other and some strive for simplicity, others for intricate placements. You can also tell which are children breakfasts by just observing the characters, always filled with happiness in their space. There is always one dominant colour in these as well. For example the Frosties cereal uses deep blue to bring forth the character to the audience, eye-catching reds in both the tongue, scarf and font.

My favorite to select from these though would be between the Dorset and Jordans Cereal.

I've put them into a colour order from what I would think would be night to day. I prefer this design because of its positioning, simplistic yet effective designs with the most basic typography. Some of the colours compliment each other really nicely. I would like to incorporate this style into my own workings.

I want to use the dorset cereals colours from above to annotate the passing of time into morning. I could set a timer on the colour to contrast from one to another. I'm also thinking of a wiping transition to display information on the screen. I will be briefly going back to my designs, taking some font styles and creating colour compositions of possible steps.

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