Monday, 20 January 2014

From Script to Screen : Forming a story - Refinement

An aspiring photographer is working silently in her basement that has been converted into a darkroom. Her mother calls and reveals that she has won an invitation to the Pranksters mansion to attend his evening event held in the south garden. Checking the time and noticing she maybe late, she very briefly prepares herself and takes her old antique camera and races out the door and into the night. Walking up the path the light grows more intense over the hill until finally a full view of the mansion is visible and clasping her invite in one hand and camera in the other, skips toward the exterior gate. She shows the bouncers her invitation but she is denied entrance because she isn't wearing a mask. Feeling sorry the bouncer gives the girl his mask and permits her to enter the mansion grounds. 

Here is a world of amusement and bewilderment, massive clown faces, balloons, surreal structures and shapes all looking to distort the minds of those who visit. Utilizing the garden maze, the shots veer left and right highlighting the designs of the amusements and massive gags. abstracts of the designs collaging the scene and creating chaos. The girl taking snaps, documenting the event for her blog, Close up shots of the guests he has invited, all wearing masks and clown-like attired suits. The pace quickens between all of these components before presenting us with the Prankster and his two female harlequins unveiling themselves on the upper balcony to the paparazzi with a zoom pan highlighting the Prankster's importance and profile with the camera flashes going crazy. The girl has fought to the front of the crowd and takes a final shot and as the flash goes off our story comes to an end cutting to black.  

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