Monday, 27 January 2014

Soundscape 'Circus' Idea

In preparations to diving into sound design I had a chat with Fergie in regards to who this scene is actually about? In previous projects I have focused on the story aspects strongly but with this project the sound plays a vital role to its strength. For example the clown in the foreground with the open hands could have very light clothing with a high frequency of sound in his movements, so a soft timbre would be made to compensate for this.

So the story could be about a small child that climbs onto the stage to retrieve a object. Because we have chosen a child we can set the tone for what kind of volumes of sound could be produced. Are the sounds meant to scare the child or to invite him into the environment. The Circus itself could have multiple layers for the environment, tent, people and animals.

I think the child would be invited in the environment, so a soft tone would be created to show this. Also if we observe the actual colour palette it seems quite joyful but it does include almost every colour, so perhaps some of my characters could be happy e.g. the woman and horse and some be miserable like the horse on the podium and the dancing man.

I would like the resolve of the animatic to be the child's participation in the act and it could help bring forth the original key frame within the scene. From an audiences point of view we can tell that the characters are moving in unison and the act fits together. Also the actual placement of the scene is vital to some of the sounds. For example high up above in the tent could have a very high frequency of sound and falling down could be showing the height, like piano keys going up in notes when running upstairs.

From here I wish to create a more reformed story and think about some of the sounds I will need and create a road map of my journey from start to finish for this project.

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