Monday, 13 January 2014

From Script to Screen - Forming a story #1

Incorporating my three words; Clown, Joke-Shop and Camera I came up with the idea that the audience could be welcomed to the world of the "Prankster's Funhouse".

Here is a world of amusement and bewilderment, massive clown faces, ballons, surreal structures and shapes all looking to distort the minds of those who visit. It Could be a straight path leading upto a gigantic mansion where the Prankster is throwing a night-time Garden party. The shots veer left and right highlighting the designs of the amusements and massive gags. The camera could be constantly moving forward panning but with abstracts of the designs collaging the scene and creating chaos. Close ups of the guests he has invited, all wearing masks and clown-like attired suits.. Like a Masquerade party. then the pace could quicken between all of these components before presenting us with the Prankster and his two female harlequins unvieling themselves to the papparazi with a zoom pan highlighting the Prankster's importance and profile with the camera flashes going crazy.

I like the idea and I want to reform it with some helpful guidance from some feedback so any is welcome :p What works and what doesnt?

Above are some images that may help you understand the general feel for this idea :)


  1. I like the idea of the camera :) and I quite like the story opening, building up the mood

  2. but where's your story? This reads like a music video - spectacular - but, so what? Where's the conflict/problem?

  3. Liking the start of this idea Rhys.