Monday, 6 January 2014

Soundscape - Key Frame - Marc Chagall

My keyframe is a painting by a Russian born painter, lithographer, etcher and designer called Marc Chagall. Born in 1887 Chagall had his work published around the globe and was very successful in deploying vibrant colours to convey emotion in his art. Above is titled 'Chagall's Circus where every colour of the palette has been explored within the image. For my soundscape project I may decide to take a turn from these colourful happy characters to a much more Gothic unusual feel, exploring strange anatomy's and darker colours maybe from happy and joyful to a ambiance of fear of the unknown. As it is day one of the project I expect this to change but I shall be documenting my development throughout.

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  1. Good stuff Rhys - getting stuck in straight away! :)