Friday, 31 January 2014

From Script to Screen : Forming a story (PostOGR)

After the feedback I received from my OGR I have taken into consideration my tutor's advice and I believe that my environment has indeed fallen away from the 'Joke shop' theme. The scare at the end I think will help round off the experience but I think this jokeshop should have once resided in a space, that is now occupied by living space or storage of some kind.

My tutor advised to introduce a character into a property situated in a terrace of houses and from their drop in strange happenings like novelty items appearing or laughter in the dead of night. Then reveal through the use of a old cine-cinema 8mm camera the truth of the matter. I wish to incorporate these ideas and my own to establish a new story.

So I brainstormed a few ideas of my own and they are as follows..

  1. A theater owner opens a new highly anticipated film that is based on a mad clown that is supposedly possessed by a demon. He puts it to play and sits in the auditorium. We are put into one of the scenes of the film where we see the clown scare a woman to death in a joke shop enclosed nightmare and we cut back to the theater with the clown seated behind the owner.
  2. An estate agent is tasked with shifting an old derelict property and she takes photos of the exterior and notices a figure in the downstairs window of one of the photos taken. She enters the property and examines the room for the intruder and she is welcomed by the burned out joke shop ruin and she hears laughter from upstairs. She goes up the stairs and the figure follows her silently up the stairs, tele-porting around the property and she is trapped by the reflection of her seeing the ghost in a mirror knowing her haunter is right behind her.
  3. A father and wife are on a sofa mourning the loss of their child and they view old pictures through a camera output to TV and they cry over the joy of seeing their child once more. His 5th birthday party at a joke emporium was the last birthday he would have. Slowly a figure appears in an image and seems to be stalking their child, almost ghost like until finally the figure is right behind the child. The parents look at each other in shock and we the audience see the ghosts of the Clown and son standing behind the sofa.
These kind of ideas are the general direction I want to take my idea. 
Feedback welcome! What do you prefer? What should be added or taken away :)


  1. I like 2 - because it makes sense of the joke shop environment, and the fact that the estate agent is tasked, with her camera, of recording the site etc. The idea, however, of her viewing the photographs and the clown escaping from the images (in your third story) is nice. I wonder if you could start with the third act, Rhys: at the end of the Invasion of the Body-Snatchers (the original 50s version), the main character, who now knows that the world is being over-run by aliens that 'look just like us' - runs out into the traffic:

    It occurs to me, that you could begin with a woman, who has been rescued from a burning building, screaming 'He's here!' and all the firemen just thinking she's in shock... you the cut back to the woman (the estate agent) arriving at the former burned out joke-shop with her camera (but maybe she should be a insurance claims adjustor - someone who goes to damaged properties to see if fires were started on purpose for the insurance money?). Anyway, she takes the photographs - gets them home; and then she starts to see the mysterious clown - and as he get's closer in the images we see that he's got fire in his hand, a bit like this trick:

    And, then, in the last photographs, she can't find the clown anymore - because he's now standing behind her, and we see flames starting... so now we're back to how the story started, with the woman being carted off, shouting 'He's here!' and we see them push past a bystander who had been recording the whole scene on his phone, and then we see, on the phone's image - yes, the clown *shudder*!

    Oh also:

    Second year Sam needs you and your subconscious: see link: