Wednesday, 22 January 2014

From Script to Screen : *New Story

Polaroid camera flashes as another victim meets their demise in a string of related murders all involving entertainers. A circus clown battered to death with his skull caved in and it would be unrecognizable it wasn't for his height. The detective pins it to the wall and marks off an X on his profile list, the only lead he has is a picture taken of all the victims at the fairground. Someone is killing them off but who? The belongings were taken from the evidence locker and littered the crime lab. Comical items, gag toys it's literally a joke. Cold leads and the tension has grown high in the department but then it hits. The murder weapon. Where is it? The detective looks at the board and focuses on the one thing he hadn't accounted for. The mallet held relaxed above a characters shoulders. Rushes out of the scene grabbing his keys.

Door hinges go flying as the detective and his police detail crash through the door to reveal the culprit passed out from alcohol with the bloody mallet placed at his feet leaning against his chair. Hand cuffs come from the detectives pocket.

Detective returns to the crime lab and begins taking down the images and pauses on the unfolded image.. His face fills with terror as he notices he overlooked one thing, the smallest clown looking up menacingly at the mallet. The light flickers as the clown appears behind him and a cut to complete black.   

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